About Me

Christine Selfie

Hey y'all, my name is Christine Rodgers. I am the wife of a Veteran, musician, funtrepeneur, and dad joke enthusiast, which leads me to my next accomplishment, my 4 little humans. I have 3 beautiful daughters and a Heartbreaker mama's boy. I also have 2 rescue fur babies. I truly believe that you can create a life that is beautifully yours and celebrate it to the fullest!

I am a line dancer, party thrower, DIYer, list maker, butt wiper, homework helper, lunch maker, and business starter. But what I am not... is afraid to dream big, work hard, break barriers, solve problems, get messy (I mentioned the butt wiping didn't I?), and live my life as the person I was born to be. I am unapologetically me!

So why line dancing? Have you ever tried dieting? Line dancing is such a great workout and you have fun while doing it. No one ever smiled while eating a bowl of broccoli to get into shape. I chose to teach line dancing because well... you need more than 1 to create a line, 1 dancer is just a dot. Seriously though, it's insanely fun and high-intensity all rolled into one. That makes it easy to want to go to "work" every day. I get to bring people together, and that really is what it is all about. Studies have shown dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain. Research also shows that it helps with stress, anxiety, and depression, which many line dancers will confirm! To sum it up, I teach to make people smile and make working out the fun that we all deserve to have!